Small Acts are Revolutionary

“At the crux of all of this is that it can feel daunting and overwhelming to think about how to fix all that is broken in the world… where do you start? I really think the small acts are revolutionary. They can lead to larger things, possibilities and connections, but it has to start somewhere. I’m trying to put out these small little pieces of beauty into the world and I hope they get noticed.

Being noticed for being beautiful, unique and special in the world is what we all want and crave. Being noticed is the first step to connection.

The project For the One Who Finds Me took off, and I see posts come in from all over the country (and world) now. It shows that anyone can have one tiny idea and try it out and it can grow. It can create ripples.”

– Danika Laine, Founder
Interviewed and photographed by Love Wisconsin.

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