“Every second is an opportunity to choose kindness. I think it’s what we’re here for.”

― Danika Laine

For the One Who Finds Me seeks to create more magic and more kindness in the world, one tiny bouquet at a time.

Founded in June 2015 by Danika Laine as a social art project in Madison, Wisconsin, the act of placing tiny bouquets in public spaces has caught on.

Friends and strangers in cities near and far are discovering the thrill in this random act of kindness.
You’re invited to join in!


To share a bouquet you’ve hidden or found, please email a photo and story to fortheonewhofindsme@gmail.com. You can also use this email for workshop inquiries, media inquiries, or any other questions.


11 thoughts on “About

  1. I came across this site in an unusual manner and had to check it out. Great site and philosophy that I will be sharing with my daughters, It would make a great activity for when they come stay with me in Madison


  2. I found a beautiful bouquet of flowers at the Rose Garden in Duluth Mn. I was very surprised and happy to find them. What a wonderful way to spread happiness. I’ll continue this thoughtful gesture.


  3. I read about your wonderful idea. I have one to share. When I worked with elementary students, I bought cheap teddy bears from Oriental Specialties catalog. Then each student got a bear, named it, used a Ellison machine to cut out a tag design and wrote an acrostic using the first letters of the bears name. We gave the bear to Headstart children, foster care agency, child abuse agency,and to others,. The children liked to read their poems before they gave the bears away. You might suggest this idea at your workshops. I think we all can use more random acts of kindness today, Thank you for your idea. I’m looking forward to finding a random bouquet. I suggest leaving one at the Humane Society.


  4. Is this still going on? I want to start this up again! I was cleaning my office at 1:30 am and found the old brochure. I did buy several small vases. so Lets get this going. after COVID!!!


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