Join In!

Join the fun of creating a tiny bouquet for a stranger to find…

Join hundreds of other flower ninjas taking part…

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Email me at for a printable version of the tags or send me your mailing address and I’ll send you three #fortheonewhofindsme tags via snail mail.
    (You can also make your own tags!)
  2. Find a tiny vase. This might be a small, clean jam jar from your recycling, or something you find at a thrift store.
    (TINY is best because they won’t tip over and are easier for people to carry away with them.)
  3. Get flowers. Use flowers from your garden or a grocery store bouquet. Trim them down to size and create a thoughtful bouquet. Tie the label to the vase or a stem of a flower.
  4. Place the flowers somewhere special. 
    Make sure they’ll be safe from the elements (like wind or bright sun).
    Try to pick a place they’ll be easily noticed. Some places to consider: an elevator, a stairwell, along a walking path, in the cereal aisle at the grocery store, at the library, on your neighbor’s porch, and so on…
  5. Take a picture if you wish! It’s fun to see all the places people choose for their bouquets. You can email me the photo of where you placed yours, or tag it with the hashtag #fortheonewhofindsme on Instagram or Facebook (public post setting).
  6. Check back to see if your bouquet was discovered. Not every finder sends a photo, but it sure is cool when they do!