Grand Rapids, MN

FOUND! “I wanted to share this little gem that I found this morning. One of my regular Target stops turned into something extra special today. I was in a hurry, trying to race home after the gym to get my day started. But first, I had to stop and make a quick return at Target. I pulled up to this beautiful little flower in a vase sitting on the curb next to my parking spot. As I got out, I saw that it had a little tag on it and knew exactly what it was. You see, a friend of mine had just posted a picture of someone leaving a flower with the same tag on her car last week. That sweet little gesture melted my heart, and I have been brainstorming acts of kindness for my upcoming fourth graders ever since. As I was snapping this picture, I saw a sweet little girl and her daddy pull into a parking space nearby. She made me smile as she held her daddy’s hand and pranced through the parking lot. I couldn’t help but quickly snap the picture and share all of the feels with that little sweet pea. Although I only enjoyed the flower for a few minutes, I hope that little one holds onto her big bright smile a little longer when she sees what was left for her on the car. Thanks for spreading kindness!!! What a beautiful campaign.” Cassie C., Grand Rapids, MN

#fortheonewhofindsme#randomactsofkindness #raok#payitforward #flowerninjas#kindnessmatters#moremagicmorekindness #bethechange

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